Ottó Gecser



Dr. Ottó Gecser is assistant professor [adjunktus] at the Department of Sociology, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest. He earned his PhD degree at the Department of Medieval Studies at the Central European University in 2007. He is interested incultural and religious history and in historical sociology.


It is widely acknowledged that St. Elizabeth of Hungary (or of Thuringia, 1207–1231) was one of the most important female saints of the Middle Ages. The sermons written for her feasts constitute – together with her pictorial representations – the most voluminous source material regarding her cult. Unfortunately, most of the sermons are unedited, and even if they are, only very few studies deal with them. The main output of my research within the project will be the edition of a selection of sermons about her together with a substantial analysis of the role played by these texts in the spread and continuation of her cult in medieval Europe.


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