The Oldest Legend, Acts of the Canonization Process, and Miracles of Saint Margaret of Hungary edited by G. Klaniczay, I. Csepregi, B. Péterfi

This bilingual volume (Latin text with English translation) is the second in the series presenting hagiographical narratives from medieval Central Europe. It contains the most important hagiographical corpus of medieval Hungarian history: that of Saint Margaret (1242–1270), daughter of King Béla IV, who lived her life as a Dominican nun. Margaret’s cult started immediately after her death and the demand to examine her sanctity was first formulated in 1272. The canonization process recommenced in 1276, followed by further initiatives across the centuries.

Book by Béla Zsolt Szakács: The Visual World of the Hungarian Angevin Legendary

The first volume of the Central European Cultural Heritage Series


Hungarian Hagiography Society has been founded

On 13 April 2017 the Hungarian Hagiography Society was founded, which elected Prof. Marianne Sághy as its president.

The HHS has arranged regular lectures since then. Among the guests were Nicole Bériou (Paris, IRHT) and Marie-Élisabeth Ducreux (Paris, EHESS).

On 4-6 October 2017, in cooperation with the Hagiotheca – Croatian Hagiography Society, and the Accademia d'Ungheria in Rome, the HHS organized an international conference entitled: The Saints of Rome.

Final Report of the OTKA-funded Saints Project - Budapest team

This is the final report of the OTKA-funded Saints Project based at the Central European University in Budapest, associated to the ESF CULTSYMBOLS Project. The report is attached in English and in Hungarian.

Final report on OTKA Saints Project in the Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU

A new issue of the Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU, vol. 20 (2014), has come out, with a report on the activities of the OTKA Saints Project - the Budapest team of the ESF CULTSYMBOLS project at the Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University in Budapest in the years 2010-2014.

The volumes of the Annual of Medieval Studies are available online, the last five volumes are password-protected.

Final report of the CULTSYMBOLS project

The CULTSYMBOLS project finished in August 2013, although some of the teams have continued in their subprojects and end later. Some joint and individual activites took place after this date and still will take place or will be realized in the upcoming months.

New issue of the journal "Plainsong and Medieval Music" with contributions by project members

A whole new issue of the journal Plainsong and Medieval Music (Cambrige University Press) is devoted to saints’ cults in the Middle Ages – and connected to the Symbols that Bind and Break Communities project, especially its Trondheim team. More specifically, the articles deal with the question of musical representations of war and violence and of theological ideas in medieval saints’ offices.

Call for papers 5th HAGIOTHECA Conference: Church Reforms and the Cult of Saints



Church Reforms and the Cult of Saints


Zadar, 17-21 September 2014


Conference organized by

Croatian Hagiography Society Hagiotheca

University of Zadar

University of Turku - Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies

University of Tampere - Hagiographica Septentrionalia


Saints Colloquia Series Schedule, Winter-Spring 2014

Saints Colloquia Series, Winter – Spring 2014


Tuesdays, 5.30 pm

FT 409, CEU, Nádor u. 9, Budapest