Sermons on Saint Ladislas

Medieval sermons for the feast of St. Ladislas, King of Hungary, edited by Edit Madas.


Among the saints whose cults were largely restricted to or were almost exclusively associated with the medieval Kingdom of Hungary, St. Ladislas was the most popular in terms of practically all vehicles of the cult: vitae, liturgical texts, sermons, and images. The 22 sermons published here constitute the whole known corpus of such texts. They cover a long period from the end of the thirteenth century until the beginning of the sixteenth. Their language is mostly Latin with the single exception of an Old Hungarian piece (that of the so called Anonymous Carthusian). The manuscripts and incunabula used for the editions are given before each text. These sermons have already been published (with Hungarian translations of facing pages) in Edit Madas and Zoltán György Horváth, Középkori prédikációk és falképek Szent László királyról – San Ladislao d'Ungheria nella predicazione e nei dipinti murali (Budapest: Romanika, 2008).


Sermon 1 [Anonymous]