Sebastián E. Salvadó

Postdoctoral Researcher



Sebastián E. Salvadó, PhD Musicology-Humanities, PhD-Minor Art History, Stanford University (2011). Postgraduate studies, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (2003). B.A. Anthropology, Music, University of California, Los Angeles (2001). Dissertation title: The Liturgy of the Holy Sepulchre and the Templar Rite: Analysis and Edition of the Jerusalem Ordinal (Rome, Bib. Vat., Barb. Lat. 659), with a comparative analysis of the Acre Breviary (Paris, Bib. Nat., Lat. 10478). Research interests include: Interdisciplinary study of chant, liturgy and artwork of the Latin East and the medieval Arago-Catalan Crown; history of thought and devotion in the Middle Ages.


Project: Chants of Saints’ Offices and the Changing Images and Ideals of Rulership


The present study explores how historiae from the Aragon and Catalan regions of Iberia reflect the changing modes of kingly, military, and saintly rulership between the eleventh to fourteenth centuries. The core of the project explores the relationship between chant melodies to their texts vis-à-vis office readings in order to illuminate how historiae are effected by, embody, and convey changing images of secular and ecclesiastical rulership. Trans-regional comparisons frame how Iberian historiae participate in coetaneous discourses. A broad interdisciplinary research program informs these analyses; pertinent musicological, historical, and art historical scholarship situate historiae within their cultural milieu. The project comprises four chapters exploring the following: Historiae of St. Charlemagne (Girona), St. Raymond of Roda (Roda d’Isabena, Huesca), St. Eulalia (Barcelona). The offices of Ss. Thecla (Tarragona), Cucufatus (Barcelona), Vincent martyr (Valencia), and Felix (Girona) provide additional comparative material. These resultant portraits offering images of how the particular music-textual conjuncts of historiae participate in the conceptualization, communication and legitimization of socio-political ideals help elucidate the role of historiae within broader medieval constructs of rulership.



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