Kateřina Horníčková

Postdoctoral Researcher

E-mail: katerina.hornickova@gmail.com


PhDr. Kateřina Horníčková, PhD. is trained in art history and classical archaeology and obtained her PhD in Medieval Studies at the CEU Budapest with the dissertation on medieval Bohemian treasuries (http://www.etd.ceu.hu/2009/mphhok01.pdf). In 2005 – 2009,she worked as cultural manager and dramaturgist of cultural projects at Prague Castle and in 2009-2010 as postdoctoral researcher with the Cultures of Knowledge, the joint project of the Oxford University and Institute of Philosophy of Czech Academy of Sciences (Comenius correspondence). She lectures at South Bohemian University in České Budějovice and is the general secretary of CARMEN, international network of medievalists. Her primary interest is medieval and early modern visual culture.



As the postdoctoral researcher with the project, Kateřina is charged with the task to select and compare images of saints and Christ from the chosen regions using the Krems Institute’s resources, above all the REALONLINE database. Next to the geography criteria, the images will be categorised by periods of creation and informationthey provide on the dissemination of cult, communication with the saints and community’s construction of identity. She will then continue with assessing the images (groups of images) on both qualitative and quantitave levels.

Presentation by Kateřina Horníčková, Regional Identity and the Visual Representation of Saints, delivered at CEU, Budapest on May 19, 2011, is available for project participants in the section Research Materials.


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