Project Planning Workshop, Copenhagen

November 12, 2010 - 18:00 - November 14, 2010 - 20:00
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Copenhagen Project Planning Workshop

12 – 14 November 2010



Anu Mänd, Tiina Kala, Roman Hankeln (from Saturday afternoon), Gerhard Jaritz (from Sunday morning), Kateřina Horníčková, Ottó Gecser, Martin Wangsgaard Jürgensen, Tracey R. Sand, Nils Holger Petersen.




Friday evening


6.00 pm All participants present themselves and their work briefly


6.45 pm Informal introductions by Tracey R. Sands and Martin Wansgaard Jürgensen (Copenhagen team) presenting local saints in Denmark and Sweden


8.00 pm Dinner




9.00 am Excursion to Saint Knud Lavard’s chapel and the site of the martyrdom. Afterwards Skt Bendts Church, Ringsted. Participants will be collected by car at hotel.


1.00 pm Lunch, Ringsted


3.00 pm All projects present themselves, what is being done now and in the near future. Establishing a joint website. Collaboration with the Tampere group (cf recent mail exchanges)


7.00 pm Dinner (Copenhagen)




10.00 am Presentations by each PI (and/or other project representatives) concerning strategies, methodology, “how to actually do the project” from the point of view of each project, concerning one’s own project part, but also with respect to the overall collaboration. Draft papers to be circulated in advance, short oral presentations + substantial discussions of each paper. 3 group presentations (with discussion) in the morning.


1.00 pm Lunch


3.00 pm Continuation of the programme from this morning. 2 group presentations (with discussion). A general discussion of strategies and methodology for the overall project: based on the presentations and discussions during the day.


6.00 pm Plans and activities for the coming year(s).


8.00 pm Dinner (given by the EuroCORECODE launching meeting)