OTKA Saints Colloquia Series: Gábor Klaniczay on "Stigmatics, miracles, sanctuaries" (Faculty Research Seminar)

September 26, 2012 - 17:20 - 19:00
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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Gábor Klaniczay: Stigmatics, miracles, sanctuaries - account of a year of hagiographic research in Paris


A lecture in the OTKA Saints Colloquia Series and Faculty Research Seminar of the Department of Medieval Studies.


This presentation will combine two types of accounts. Gábor Klaniczay will present the principal project during his past sabbatical year, on a history of discourses on stigmata and stigmatics from Francis of Assisi to Padre Pio. He will give an account of the source materials in the archives (Archivio Secreto Vaticano, Archivio della Congregazione delle Cause della Fede, Archivio Generale dell'Ordine dei Predicatori - Rome, Bibliotheque des Bollandistes, Bruxelles), he will introduce the institutions where he presented parts of these researches (Institut d'Études Avancées, Paris - where he organized a two-day conference of this subject; Groupe d'Anthropologie Historique du Moyen Age Occidental / GAHOM-EHESS, Paris; Institut de Recherche de l'Histoire des Textes / IRHT, Paris; Centre Interdisciplinaire des Études des Faits Religieux/ CIEFR-EHESS, Paris).

In the second round, Gábor Klaniczay will also give an account of his other ongoing research and workshops on the problem of the proofs of miracles in canonization processes (Université Paris III; Villa Lante, Rome). Another project which he got involved in, which has a potential interest also to our OTKA project is the Italian and French research on medieval and modern sanctuaries (a comprehensive topographic, archaeological, historical and iconographic documentation), initiated by Sofia Boesch Gajano, Giorgio Otranto, Roberto Rusconi, André Vauchez, Catherine Vincent - Gábor Klaniczay took part at a large conference in Paola (Calabria, Italy) on this issue.


Gábor Klaniczay is University Professor at the Department of Medieval Studies, CEU, Budapest. His principal academic interests are in historical anthropology of medieval Christendom (sainthood, miracle beliefs, healing, magic, witchcraft), medieval and modern visions and their bodily manifestations, stigmata, comparative cultural and religious history of Hungary and Central Europe in an all-European context.

Publications related to the theme of the presentation: “Le stigmate di santa Margherita d’Ungheria: immagini e testi,” Iconographica. Rivista di iconografia medievale e moderna, I (2002), pp. 16-31; “On the Stigmatization of Saint Margaret of Hungary,” in Miri Rubin, ed., Medieval Christianity in Practice, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009, 274-284; (ed. with William A. Christian Jr.), The "Vision Thing". Studying Divine Intervention, Budapest: Collegium Budapest Workshop Series 18, 2009; (ed.), Procès de canonisation au Moyen Âge. Aspects juridiques et religieux – Medieval Canonization Processes. Legal and Religious Aspects. École française de Rome, Roma, 2004; “Raccolte di miracoli e loro certificazione nell’Europa centrale,” in Raimondo Michetti (ed.), Notai, miracoli e culto dei santi. Milano: Dott. A Giuffrè editore, 2004. pp. 259-288; “Il monte di San Gherardo e l'isola di Santa Margherita: gli spazi della santità a Buda nel Medioevo,” in Sofia Boesch Gajano - Lucetta Scaraffia (eds.): Luoghi sacri e spazi della santità. Rosenberg & Sellier, Torino, 1990, pp. 267-284.

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