Two-day workshop of EuroCORECODE-projects

November 28, 2011 - 09:00 - November 29, 2011 - 18:00
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Two-day workshop of the three EuroCORECODE-projects



28-29 November, 2011, CEU Budapest

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Saints Cults project Planning Meeting in Budapest, 28 Nov 2011, 9.30−10.50 at CEU, room FT 208


The workshop will be the first meeting of contributors to the three EuroCORECODE projects. It aims at closer cooperation and communication between all the project members on the bottom-up level, urged by the follow-up of the Copenhagen inaugural meeting in November 2010 and launch of the EuroCORE Cross-CRP Activities Scheme. More than a year after the CRP's launching, the workshop will put the methodologies used by the CRPs under joined scrutiny and serve as an exchange of concepts and first results.

The meeting will discuss the applied models of attachment of groups of people to local or regional space and the factors influencing the choice of this attachment. The main focus in this regard will be the comparative capacity of geographically or culturally distant regions, and the identifiers that "co-operate" in them. The presented case studiesand intensive discussions will offer the first necessary general inputs

• to find out if the patterns of regional attachment have been rather similar or distinctive;

• to recognise the possible influences of communication and influences over long distances;

• to define those interpretative contexts that have been/have not been shared across the regions of Europe and the three project scopes respectively.

In this context, the workshop is also designed to discuss

• problems having arisen in the programme’s first year;

• the efficiency of applied methodologies;

• practical questions concerning data input and data analysis;

• questions of the “(trans)portability” of results and their applicability in other regional contexts.

The workshop’s active participants are the projects’ junior research fellows as well as PIs. The contributions are 20-minutes case studies presenting specific selections of data from one or more regions, followed by 30-minutes discussions aiming at comparison with similar or contrasting patterns from other areas of Europe. Recognized shared patterns as well as detected reasons for differences and contrasts will offer a valuable basis for the continuation of research in the three EuroCORECODE projects.